Agro Sevilla has turned 40 years old and these days we are celebrating, reviewing our history and analyzing the challenges of the future. The history of Agro Sevilla serves as a demonstration of the capacity of effort and entrepreneurship of the Andalusian people. As a result of this work, what seemed like a miracle is now a reality: 40 years after its birth as a union of cooperatives, Agro Sevilla is the leading producer and exporter of table olives in the world.

Turning 40 is a special event. This is always a great reason to celebrate, but even more so in the demanding corporate world. The central act of this commemoration took place last Monday at the Agro Sevilla facilities in La Roda de Andalucía. With this event, Agro Sevilla wanted to thank their workers for the enormous commitment they have shown with this collective project and the great family they make. Without this cohesion and integration with our land, Agro Sevilla would not have been able to reach more than 70 countries with a production of more than 80 thousand tons per year.

In the commemorative act, prominent personalities participated, such as the Mayor of La Roda de Andalucía, Fidel Romero Ruiz, and the Head of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of the Regional Government of Andalusia, Rodrigo Sánchez Haro.

The General Director of Agro Sevilla, José Ignacio Montaño, gave way to the speakers. The President of Agro Sevilla, Gabriel Redondo, wanted to highlight the potential of the company, its four decades of experience and the challenges of the future. And he stressed the importance of being united, public administration and table olive operators, now more than ever, to face the protectionist policies promoted by Trump in the US. and that seriously threaten a strategic product for Andalusia and Spain, such as table olives.

The head of the Department of Agriculture told Gabriel Redondo the support of the Andalusian Government in the battle against the taxes imposed by the Trump administration, and gave Agro Sevilla the diploma of recognition as a Priority Associative Entity of Andalusia (EAPA).

A miracle expressed in numbers

In these 40 years of history, Agro Sevilla has played a fundamental role in its environment, boosting the economic activity of this part of Andalusia, with the creation of almost 500 direct jobs, more than 4,500 indirect through its cooperatives and generating more of 27 million euros in harvest wages.

If you ask us about the secret of our "miracle", in Agro Sevilla we point out the effort of our people as the main reason for success. From professional rigor and the pursuit of excellence in everything we do, we have been able to develop a sustainable model based on respect for the environment and the Andalusian olive grove, a model that provides valuable economic and social results for our environment.